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When it comes to Covid protection, we check it all. Every second. 24/7, 365. Automatically.

  • Temperature
  • Mask
  • Face
  • Vaccine

“Our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of all children, staff and visitors. FeverCheckerPro protects my business from the concern of COVID contagion.”
- Children’s Nursery, Hereford


FeverCheckerPro helps indemnify an organisations duty of care to employees and visitors.


Instant temperature testing

Built in facial recognition

Built-in mask detection function

Track and trace integration

Links to doors and access entry systems

Welcome to FeverCheckerPro™

FeverCheckerPro™️ is an organisation entirely focused on making the world a better place so we all can move onto a pandemic-free future. As we’ve observed, authorities world-wide have been struggling to manage Covid contagion. Our early research suggested that taking a technology based approach to Covid screening and management processes could be easier, less intrusive, faster, and more effective in combating contagion.

Our system caters to any business with human transaction, from small boutique business to multinational organisations. Our technology is the canary in the Covid coal mine, continuously, invisibly screening people, alerting to fever and the possibility of Covid. Equally suitable for small companies through to multi-nationals, FeverCheckerPro™ measure, analyse and evaluate data continuously and instantaneously, enabling faster and more effective management of Covid and other fever-based illnesses.

4-Point Covid Protection

FeverCheckerPro™️ 4-Point Covid Protection sets new, higher standards of protection for entry into buildings and publics places with temperature checks, facial recognition, mask checks and vaccination checks. This protection is vital for commercial, retail and trade businesses as well as service organisations such as tv studios, sports centres, medical centres, transport or even the armed forces.

Fever Detection

Facial Recognition

Mask Check

Vaccination Check

It takes just a second for 4-Point Covid Protection and FeverCheckerPro™️ systems can even be networked across multiple sites, acting as a complete FeverFirewall™️ to protect people from contagion in their safe havens inside buildings. All entry data metrics are used for track and trace every second, everywhere, 24/7, 365, automatically. FeverCheckerPro™️ technology takes a next generation approach to your personal protection and really is a vital tool for businesses and public organisations today.

Fever Firewall Creates a Virtual Virus Barrier

FeverCheckerPro™ systems are complementary to Covid-19 testing, continuously screening and automatically generating alerts in the presence of fever. When deployed at the entrances to buildings or events and interconnected FeverCheckerPro™ systems form a fever ‘Firewall’, a virtual virus barrier or VVB in short, to protect all the occupants every second of the day, 24/7, 365. This protection is unique and when combined with access control systems which ensures your operational entrances, exits and doorways remain shut to viruses and create a contained clean and healthy environment for people to safely work in. Fever Firewall™ dramatically enhances an organisation’s Covid strategies ensuring peace of mind and business continuity.

Systematic Screening Improves Detection

The Government’s LFT or PCR test are a ‘snapshot’, indicative of Covid-19 at the very moment of the test. It is conceivable that a person could contract Covid with a few minutes of having had the test and even before the test result was available. After all, LFT or PCR tests are most frequently conducted in places with a high concentration of people, many of who suspect they have Covid symptoms which is often the reason why they are present. No one would know that they had contracted Covid until they either suffered from the effects of the virus or had another Covid test. The LFT or PCR testing is predominantly ad hoc and therefore there is no control mechanism to more effectively identify the possibility of the virus and consequential possibility of contagion. The

FeverCheckerPro™ 3xD™ approach of systematic screening dramatically enhances the chances of identifying someone with Covid or any other temperature-based virus. It also benefits by being much safer by not congregating potentially contagious people and not requiring medical staff who might otherwise become exposed to contagion themselves. Essentially, the 3xD, three times a day systematic approach provides far greater protection through its regularity of screening. In the tables below it’s easy to see which method gives more data and it’s this very granularity of the screening process that means that the existence of Covid is caught much earlier, enabling isolation and for medication to be more effective. The 3xD systematic screening works better as the intervals between screenings are much shorter thus permitting quicker action in event of a virus. It is quite feasible where a FeverCheckerPro™ temperature testing station is readily accessible to do hourly or even more frequent screenings which shorten the detection interval.

Lateral Flow Test Accuracy

Fever is primary Covid symptom

Temperature Testing Is Vital

The UK Government recommends rapid later flow tests (LFT) as fast and easily deployable method for the detection of Covid. Research by Liverpool and Birmingham Universities has shown that most LFTs are less than 48% accurate when detecting Covid in lab conditions, with a tendency towards a false negative. PCR tests are considered by eminent authorities to be +95% accurate. Schools, Universities, offices, and the like are following the Governments’ advice, adopting LFTs for location testing.

In the World Health Organisations’ Report, investigating the first large scale outbreak of Covid in Wuhan, China it found that 88% of people who contracted Covid had a fever as the first symptom

of the virus. Temperature testing, therefore, has a statistical probability of 88% for identifying Covid symptoms making it a vitally important component of any testing procedures. It has often been observed that many places use handheld, gun-type digital temperature thermometers, for the detection of high-temperature fever, however great caution is urged in their use as these are almost entirely uncalibrated device giving false readings, usually 1/1.5 degrees below actual temperature, giving false reassurances as to health. FeverCheckerPro™ temperature testing stations are highly accurately calibrated for continuous, reliable results and are adjustable to ensure accuracy because temperature testing is vital.

Duty of care to staff and visitors

Synthesizing high-performance technology and systematic applications with data-driven workflows, FeverCheckerPro™ systems enhance business continuity by alerting organisations to fever and the possibility of Covid-19. This elevates an organisations’ duty of care to its employees and visitors, protecting them from the possibility of people-to-people transmission so that measures can be put in place for their well-being and avoid disaster and loss of life.

How does it work?

FeverCheckerPro™ is great for public confidence as temperature checking helps to reduce anxiety and regain confidence especially when used daily and across all points of contact with other people such as shopping and office buildings, as we do during busy daily lives.

Step 1

Walk up to the device.

Step 2

Wait for a second while your image is displayed on the screen.

Step 3

Your temperature is instantly displayed. You can now walk away.

The process is effortless: the system will instantly read body temperature and display it on screen with a voice message confirming that you have a normal temperature. If your temperature is too high it will inform you with 0.1-degree accuracy so you’ll know it’s time to take medical advice.

How do you use it?

The measurement and recognition head is available with a tall freestanding stand, desk stand or can be fitted to walls, buildings, and access systems such as gates. With the optional battery pack it could even be used in a school entrance, playground, field, or at an event to monitor access, the possibilities are endless.

Where do you use it?

FeverCheckerPro™ can be used anywhere: petrol stations, car showrooms, supermarkets, libraries, theatres, cinemas, pubs, live events, train stations, airports, schools, colleges, studios, film shoots, anywhere you go, even in offices or homes.

What other options are there?

In addition to the attractive desk and free-standing mounts, there’s an optional rechargeable battery pack. For larger business users FeverCheckerPro™ can be networked together which, for example, may be useful at football grounds or entrances to shopping malls, where face recognition is used to monitor entry from a centralised point. Further options are under development which will include the facility to collect email addresses and telephone numbers, for example, which can be used for marketing activities once the respective consents have been given.

recognition = Traceability

By using the face recognition element of FeverCheckerPro™ it assists to track down those with high temperatures or not wearing masks which helps with traceability. Furthermore, face recognition technology can be used on access systems and trigger the opening of doors, gates, or security barriers. This can be set to work automatically, never failing 24/7, and is not reliant upon human security people as FeverCheckerPro™ is never distracted and always attentive, all day and all night.

Duty of care – make your workplace a safe space

If you’re a business or public body, you don’t want contagious individuals spreading their germs to others so having FeverCheckerPro™ offers the precautions you need. What’s more, it can detect masks and warn if any customers are not adequately protected in line with the government’s guidelines. By implementing the mask recognition aspect and warning of any absences can stimulate change in human behaviour and be a catalyst for individuals to mask up, in light of any omission.

Canary in the Covid Coal Mine

FeverCheckerPro™ is the canary in the Covid coal mine of cross-contamination, quietly, continuously screening for the invisible ‘enemy’ of Covid-19. Like the dangerous gases in the coal mines, Covid is a killer too if left undetected and not dealt with appropriately, with urgency. By deploying systematic management tools with the latest artificial intelligence and cloud-based data operations FeverCheckerPro’s™ digital interface alerts instantly to the presence of fever just like a canary did for gas, so that organisations can take action, averting the danger of contagion and saving lives.

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